[Travel] Portimão & Sagres

[Travel] Portimão & Sagres

6 April, 2020 0 By arcunha

In April of last year the days already felt like Summer time. Nothing better than to enjoy the off days during the low season to go visit Algarve (although Portugal has tourism all year long).

I rarely go to Algarve and I haven’t had the chance to go a lot to the beach during the Summer, since I’ve only been having my vacations during the Fall and Winter.

When I arrived to Portimão the first stop was for lunch and of course I had to have grilled fish. After lunch I went for a walk through the city and I went to Praia da Rocha.

Then I departed from Portimão and went to Sagres.

The afternoon was very well spent in Cabo de São Vicente, the most Southwest point in Europe. It’s always very worth it to see the sunset near the sea!